Beginnings & Ends are easier to remember than… the middle

That’s right, beginnings and ends are always easier to remember than the middle.

Now why does this matter? Well because the middle usually is the now, we are too obsessed with what has happened in the past and what will happen in the future, stopping us from living in the now which in my opinion is the best way you to life your life and be happy.

A lot of people end up focussing on the negatives of the past, which has gone and does not exist anymore. When it comes to the future, it’s usually apprehension or a dream or want that you feel will make you happy. The truth is the vast majority of future predictions do not happen, and when you do get that new house/car/boat, it won’t make you anywhere near as happy as you thought it might.

So start living in the now people, and one day at a time, it will get easier and easier and you will be happier and happier.

Have a great weekend everyone!